Company Profile 

  Green Print Transportation Ltd. (GPT) is one of the subsidiary companies of Ka Shui Group (Stock Code No. 822) . The GPT team has strong professional technical development skills in the power, energy storage and management systems of eco-friendly buses and coaches. Over the years, we have focused on the market in Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia, and also participated in the production of local eco-friendly bus, the establishment of charging stations, the design of hybrid energy system, education promotion and one-stop eco-friendly transportation applications.     

 In response to changes in the climate season, after the 195 member states of the United Nations signed the [Paris Agreement] on December 12, 2015. Environmental protection work has changed from an ideology to an international policy, and all countries jointly promote environmental protection.


    Green Map Transportation aims to use green transportation technology to promote the emission reduction of public buses, thereby achieving environmental protection.


    We hope that starting in 2025, we can help bus companies to reduce CO2 emissions by 1,000 TON per year.


    GPT members began to take part in the environmental protection electric bus development project in 2105, and set up their own company in 2019, mainly for the development and combination of core technologies for environmental protection buses and tourist buses, power, energy storage, management and other systems, corresponding to different markets demand.


    We hope that we can well assists to bus manufacturers in neighboring friendly countries that are still using fuel engine power systems to upgrade and switch to business as soon as possible so that they can independently produce more environmentally friendly buses.

Our service is a one-stop shop:

Preliminary technical plan planning | Sample making | Technology transfer training | Technical support on-site assembly support | Cloud and online diagnostic program support | Technical | assistance for after-sales service | Spare parts library management


Best project partner

As long as you are capable of manufacturer with passenger buses & Coachs with fuel engines as the power system, we can assist you in manufacturing environmentally friendly buses.

We already have successful projects in Southeast Asia.